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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How To: Start an Awareness Campaign About Your Cause

Chances are there are tons of people out there who don’t know much about your cause or how many people it affects. Make some catchy flyers so they can be in the know and learn how they can make a difference too.

  1. Double Check. Are you allowed to post your signs around school or on telephone poles and community bulletin boards? If your town won’t allow you to post on public property, see if you can pass out flyers at your town hall, public library, a local business or at school.

  2. Do Some Research. Figure out how you want to present your data. Do Something has some great info on tons of causes including facts, effects and dangers.
  3. Investigate. What are the cause-relevant things happening in your area? For instance, if your cause is alcohol abuse, call your local Alcoholics Anonymous and ask about the details of alcoholism in your area. Don’t be afraid to include this info on your posters.
  4. Details. See if you can get a quote from an expert. Call your local university and track down a professor. If your cause is drug addiction, talk to a recovering addict (Narcotics Anonymous may be able to help you here). Real stories are powerful!
  5. Image it. Sometimes pictures make stronger statements than words, so don’t be afraid to use them. If you campaign for locally grown food, as to take a picture of a farmer's produce!
  6. Power in People. Now that you’ve got all this info, get some friends together to help you design and complete the posters or flyers. They can also help you put them up when you’re done.
  7. Variety is Key. Keep in mind that in order to make this campaign effective, you have to vary your strategy. So think about making a few different kinds of signs:
    • Small flyers to pass out to people
    • Big, colorful posters to post on telephone polls: you want these to grab the attention of the people will be driving and/or walking by.
    • Informative flyers to post on cork boards or town message boards.
  8. Timing is everything. Think what time of year is best to campaign. If your cause is climate change, aim to have a campaign around Earth Day. If it’s alcoholism, April is Alcohol Awareness Month! But if you’ve missed the date, don’t be hesitant to start a campaign regardless.
  9. Be Bold. Think of strange places you can put up posters and see if you can get permission to post them there. Marketers have put up ads in odd places because it’s an effective tactic. Like the doors in bathroom stalls of restaurants, cafes, and/or even in restrooms of your local bus or train station. Try it out!
  10. Post and Repost. While going out one day and posting is great, keep in mind that weather may damage posters so you’ll want to go out periodically and repost your signs. You also won’t catch everyone in one day so schedule a few days to go out and distribute fliers.
  11. Recruit speakers.Who can come in and speak to students at your school, church, or community center about your cause? If your cause is discrimination, visit your local synagogue to see if someone can come in and speak about anti-Semitism. You can even go to your local police station and ask for resources. They’re usually more than willing to help support a positive cause.

And don't forget to let Do Something know the amazing things you've done!

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- These are great ideas to start doing something for others! To help someone you don't necessarily need money. Think of the cause you want to help, and then you can contact a couple of friends that are willing to contribute. Present projects to your community, motivate other people to help with the cause. Throughout this time, you'll see the difference you're going to make to other people's lives!

- Make a Difference!

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