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The mission of this blog is to let people know that there ARE ways to help others, even if it's just spreading the word. I will post ideas of how you can help and make a difference!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hope for Japan

As you may know Japan is going through a harsh time right now. Due to an 8.9 earthquake that brought an approx. 30ft. tsunami, many homes were destroyed and millions of people have been found dead. The rest are trying to survive by eating rice and noodles while mourning for their dead families.

Even though there is an economic crisis around the world, there are other ways in which we can contribute by helping this people. If you want to help but find it hard by donating money or supplies of any kind, you can spread the word to people that can, or you can make a group of friends that are willing to help you obtain money by selling personal materials, etc. There is always a way to help others. You might think, "why am I going to waste my time spreading the word to other people, if they don't listen to me?" Well, what if they do listen to you? you never know how people are going to react to certain things, and even if they don't listen to you, at least you tried, right? You'll feel good by knowing that you did something!

Friends, let's help this people in Japan, because they need it now, but we might need it tomorrow.

- Make a Difference!

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  1. Yes, there is always a way to help others! I hope more and more people begin to realize that they do have something positive to offer others and begin to make a difference! It's nice to see another inspirational blog! Keep up the wonderful work!


    T.S. Wilkins